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Our vibrant choir with big heart and soul

A large choir waves at the camera during an outdoor performance - smiling but windswept

Grab a brew and join us in the online home of SongTribe, Edinburgh’s vibrant community choir with a big heart and soul!

SongTribe started in October 2015 and we are led by our fantastic founder and musical director, Ali Burns. We rehearse on Wednesday evenings at Old Saint Paul’s Scottish Episcopal Church, near Edinburgh Waverley train station, and perform a couple of times a year, generally raising money for a named charity close to our hearts.

“I think Songtribe is fantastic, it is so friendly and inclusive, the singing is sublime. Ali is an inspired musical director – and composer. Her creativity and imagination are endless. The variety of styles and topics and light-heartedness and seriousness that we cover is amazing.”
Ali Burns, MD, conducting the SongTribe choir

Fancy singing with us?  If you’re interested in joining a choir that’s focused on building a community and on singing and performing to the very best of our collective capability, visit the ‘Join us’ page on our website for more information. 

There are no auditions and you don’t need to be able to read music (though there are usually some words to learn). Enthusiastic and committed new members are always welcome at the start of each term – come on in!