Resources, connections and helping hands

Scotland Sings –  Scotland Sings is all about getting people to sing – any style, anywhere: in schools, choirs, workshops, round kitchen tables, pubs and clubs, in the hills, and on the streets! Scotland Sings organises singing workshops around Scotland, networking and training days for choir leaders, and the brand new CHORUS awards for choirs.

Natural Voice Network (NVN) is the professional organisation for supporting choir leaders and voice practitioners who work with natural voice. Natural Voice is about: celebrating the voice you were born with, rather than trying to train it to an ideal of perfection; building accepting, non-judgmental communities that sing together; welcoming all voices into a group without audition and working from there to make a group sound; making learning by ear accessible to the whole group so that nobody needs to be able to read music.

Ali Burns – Ali is the Musical Director for SongTribe and one of the UK’s leading Natural Voice Choir Leaders. Find out more about Ali’s work with SongTribe.

Da Hooley Ceilidh Band – SongTribe’s previous organiser, Ros Gasson, is a founder member of Edinburgh-based Da Hooley ceilidh band. Ros is a fiddle-player and events organiser based in Portobello. Ros also teaches the fiddle in Edinburgh and organises The Porty Ceilidhs